Customer Service is one aspect of Customer Engagement and is typically the engagement that occurs between your frontline staff and the customer.

No two companies are alike, and therefore, customer service must be differentiated as well. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach or deliver “Off the Shelf” solutions. We offer a range of Customer Service Programs to elevate these critical interactions including:

  • Customer Service Program Development
  • Operational Assessments
  • Customer Experience Feedback Program Development

Customer Service Program Development

We can help your organization build a comprehensive Customer Service Program from the ground-up or refine an existing program that needs improvement. This typically includes:

  • Desired State Definition
  • Foundational Standards development or refinement
  • Service Standards development or refinement
  • Training Plan Development
  • Baseline Audits
  • Measurement Plans and Key Performance Indicator definitions
  • Internal Communication Plans

Operational Assessments Provide Key Insights

An Operational Assessment provides insights into how your systems and employees are performing in relationship to the standards you have established. An assessment helps determine potential gaps in desired results and behavior.  After the gaps are recognized, there are two ways to address: Correct the cause or Change the standards. C Squared will provide a way to measure your standards effectiveness while helping you to improve your results.

Our  assessments determine the areas that make your business successful as well as those that are
hindering your performance. Operational effectiveness is determined by the processes and systems that are utilized, while operational performance is dictated by how well the employees use the systems.

Our methodical and detailed process will determine the effectiveness of your operations and provide insights on the critical areas of focus to improve performance, such as:

  • Identify areas for improved employee training
  • Seek to determine root causes for levels of customer satisfaction
  • Improve efficiencies and operating costs

The Operational Assessment documentation will include:

  • Detailing of system and process utilization
  • Identification of procedures that inhibit excellent performance
  • Clearly defined examples where standards gaps impact profitability and/or customer experience
  • Specify recommended action plans for addressing gaps