Customer Engagement is a popular buzzword, but a concept that is often not well understood. Typically, organizations focus their efforts on customer engagement on a very narrow window of activities surrounding the point of purchase or consumption of a product or service. In doing so, they miss the other 70% of the customer journey that impacts a customer’s decision to do business with a company. Understanding how well your business is performing at each stage of the customer journey is vital to improving your bottom line. The challenge is in finding a way to gain this perspective from the customer’s point of view. 

Our C2 Customer Engagement Mapping service provides the answer to this elusive perspective. We conduct a detailed evaluation on how you are performing at each of the touch-points that are most critical in influencing a customer’s decision to do business with you. From these observations, we provide you with insights on gap analysis and recommendations for improvements, highlighting the specific activities in each stage of the customer engagement cycle.

Each C2 Customer Engagement Mapping has a customized set of criteria based on your business. For a quote on obtaining a C2 Customer Engagement Mapping for your business, email us at or call us at 559-326-9930.