Customer Development means acquiring new customers as well as retaining and growing existing ones. Whether your customers are clients with new properties to manage or patrons of your services, customer development must be top of mind if you are to effectively grow your business.

Customer Development spans an array of functions. We include provide Customer Development recommendations in our Customer Engagement Strategies. We have found that there are some aspects of Customer Development that can be viewed as stand-alone services. We provide the following stand-along Customer Development Services as a separate category from our Customer Engagement Strategies work.

RFP and Proposal Writing

Writing a winning proposal or response to an RFP requires more than just industry knowledge.  It also requires the ability to view the response from the potential client perspective. C Squared has a proven track record of helping organizations win new business through:

  • Developing bid and proposal strategies
  • Working with internal subject matter experts to evolve internal strategies
  • Writing and editing bid responses

Our team can take on as large or focused a role as your organization needs. For some clients, we will craft the entire response, with feedback and input from internal stakeholders. For other clients, they only need a hand at refining their writing to be more compelling and precise.

If you find that you are not winning new business efforts, give us a call.  We know we can help add more wins to your record!

Website Content

Of course you have a website, but how effective is the content? A few questions can help you determine if your web content needs some help:

  • Do you get calls from customers asking questions that your website should have answered?
  • Are your online transaction rates lower than industry norms?
  • Are online visitors leaving your site in under 60 seconds?
  • If any of the above answers are “Yes”, you need help with your content.

Our approach is not only to determine and write the appropriate content that will engage your audience, but will also support your natural search rankings. 

Customer Data Capture

Understanding your customers at a deep level means gathering information about their behaviour during each stage of the Customer Engagement Life Cycle. We will show you how to set up an effective customer data capture process, as well as how to mine this data for effective Customer Engagement activities such as marketing, customer recognition programs, customer loyalty programs and customer service